The sky is your palette. Time to paint your masterpiece.

American AirLights is a night time aerial advertising aircraft with a unique lighting system mounted under the wing that displays moving messages similar to those seen on a blimp. Messages can be custom tailored with scrolling text, flashing text, animations and much more!

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They're all looking up to you. Say it in lights.


Now is your chance for your message to really stand out. Our job is to capture their attention. Your job is knowing what to say to them while you have their attention. Its not often you get such focused attention. Make sure you say it right, and say it in lights!

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Be Uniquely Seen.

Where else can you have your message blazing through the night skies, commanding their attention skyward to whatever it is you have to say? Here's your shot.

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Big 0 Tires

Corporate Events

Will You Marry Me?

Personal Messages

AVICII - EDC Las Vegas 2012

Event Promotion

Looking for a new & unique way to grab their attention? You've found it.

Ron Goode Toyota

Consumers are becoming increasingly numb to overused traditional forms of advertising. Besides being ridiculously expensive for these overused advertising mediums, consumers exposed repeatedly to these forms of advertisements are increasingly filtering out most of what they see and here. Finding new ways to stand out above the crowd is becoming increasingly challenging. The AirLights airplane is unique and captivating. The uniqueness invokes their curiosity, which captures their attention, and while gazing skyward, they are reading, and retaining, what you have to say.

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They're stuck down there, wishing they were up here. Hard NOT to see your message.

Every day, hundreds of thousands travel along the congested Los Angeles and Orange County freeways with nothing to do but look around. So give them something to look at! What more could you ask for than a captive audience with nothing better to do than read your message?

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Your product sales will take off with AirLights.

Push people to your location or call their attention to your new product launch. Displaying at a convention in Long Beach, Los Angeles or Riverside? AirLights can be the perfect method to call attention to your new venture, and direct potential customers exactly where you want them.

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