We'll leave it to our customers to toot our horn for us.

We really like our customers, and we have a long history of satisfying their needs. We're not just looking for a one-night stand from our customers. We strive to build long term relationships that create lasting and impactful value. Unlike some others out there, our testimonials were written FOR American AirLights by OUR actual customers. Read on to see what they have to say about us and our services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Big O Tires has been partnering with American AirLights for over twenty-five years to advertise sales and branding messages. We have found it to be a unique and cost-effective way of communicating our message to potential customers."

Marketing Director - Big O Tire

"As the owner of Ron Goode Toyota, I am personally involved with the purchasing of advertising. Any business owner will tell you that the wrong ad, or misdirected ad, will only result in lost monies. I am happy to say that for more than twenty years, the money I have paid to American AirLights has been well spent. Many of my customers have remarked about the lighted planes they see over sporting, and other outdoor events. The people at American AirLights are friendly and most important very honest. When they say the plane is going to fly, you can set your watch by it."

Leonard Goode - President, Ron Goode Toyota

"I'm writing to thank you on behalf of the San Francisco Chronicle for your exceptional work during our Fourth of July events. We received many phone calls this year complimenting us on our presence, and thanking us for our sponsorship, and several of these mentioned that they had seen The Chronicle's name in the sky at the Fourth events. I was at the waterfront for the Chronicle-sponsored fireworks, and I saw your plane and its lighted message in action, and I have to say you did a splendid job. It was a pleasure working with you, and I especially appreciate your patience, persistence...and attention to detail. I look forward to working with you again soon."

Community Relations Manager, San Francisco Chronicle

"Through the use of American AirLights, KMEL has effectively converted hundreds of thousands of people into KMEL listeners. The plane also flew special messages over parking lots of other concerts just as the crowds were getting out. This encouraged people to tune their car radios into KMEL to hear what we're playing. One of the most dramatic ways KMEL acquires listeners through the use of American AirLights is when we program our music selections to coincide with the plane announcing "KMEL is playing (artist) right now!" This message is flown over Bay Area freeways and anyone in their car is challenged to see if, in fact, the message is accurate. This in turn, causes them to tune into KMEL. For KMEL custom messages, American AirLights cannot be beat! Marketing our radio station to KMEL clients is another way that American AirLights is available to us. We flew a custom Fosters Freeze message from Bay Area listeners to call in and win free hamburger coupons. The D.J. on the air, at the time, was so overloaded with phone calls that I had to call the control tower to alert you to change the message. In concluding, I have been KMEL's Promotion Director for seven years. I have found the use of American AirLights to be one of the most important tools in my promotional arsenal. Thank you for your professionalism, conscientiousness, and follow through."

Promotional Director, KMEL

"With the celebration of the New Year, I saw (the) KTVU aircraft in the beautiful star-filled San Francisco night sky wishing everyone a "Happy New Year". It was so touching, it was like a message from heaven...Thank you so much. Best wishes to you and KTVU in the coming year."

Rosalie Huang, KTVU Viewer

"Wednesday night's fly-over with your banner to my girlfriend was perfect! Besides being exactly on time, with a beautiful banner, I really appreciated your 'personal' touch in being involved in our anniversary occasion. I can't thank you enough. I plan on using you again in the near future, as I believe good people and excellent services deserve repeat business. I am already telling others about you and AirLights, and will continue to do so. Thank you again for your superior service."

Daniel House, Frequent Customer

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